How Does Nutrisystem Work?

While much can be said in a review of a particular diet program such as Nutrisystem, there will still be those who need more specific information on exactly how that program will work in helping them to lose weight. With that in mind, we decided to create an additional article to further explain the mechanics of the diet plans offered by this very popular diet delivery company to help with making them more successful.

It should be remembered, before anything else that each of the diet plans provided by Nutrisystem is still just a diet and no matter how simple and hassle free they are designed to be, there still needs to be some personal input from the dieter to get the most from them. That might also help to explain why some people seem to get better results than others. So does Nutrisystem work? Indeed it does, but more so for those that are prepared to put in that little extra effort to make it a real success.

A Day of Nutrisystem

Let's take a look at how a typical day might pan out for a person doing the Nutrisystem plan of their choice who has also decided that they want to boost their level of weight loss success by doing more than is expected of them.

In the morning, before breakfast and weather permitting, a run for a few blocks is a great way to start the day. If that's not an option because of a physical limitation, then sure, don't do it. But if you can physically, then what is stopping you?

Once home again, you can take a shower and then sit down to breakfast which will consist of your choice from the menu for today. First of all, make sure you drink a full glass of plain water, then any fruit juice you are allowed to have. You can add to the breakfast with a low fat yogurt from the recommended list of allowed additional dairy products provided by Nutrisystem if you wish.

Next, you go off to work but remember to take with you a Nutrisystem lunch pack and the shake for today as well as one (or both) of the snack bars as you can use them at work and avoid eating high calorie foods and snacks. If you have time at lunch and the ability to get out, why not go for a long walk before eating, or if there is a public pool nearby, go take a swim (you will have packed your swimsuit and towel for this before leaving home)? Before you sit down to eat your lunch, again make sure you drink a full glass of plain water. You may be thirsty in any event, but whether you are or you are not, drink it anyway!

After work, you come home and will be looking forward to dinner. But if you get home early enough, don't eat right away. Perhaps you have a garden that needs some tending? Or you can go for another long walk of a short run if you feel energetic. Perhaps you joined a sports club and can go play tennis or basketball or whatever you like, again assuming you are physically able to do this and also have the time.

Hint: if all you do in the evenings is sit and watch TV, then you have the time to do some sports.

After your evening's sports workout or whatever activity you have chosen to do, you come home to a great meal with a tasty dessert. Once again, before you eat your meal, drink another full glass of plain water or two if you are feeling particularly thirsty. If you really must watch TV, then you can so do after your meal.

Trick Yourself and Prevent Late Night Snacking

Here's a neat trick you can play on yourself to wind up the day and prevent any temptation to eat a late night diet-busting snack. An hour or so before you go to bed, go and brush your teeth. You can do it during the commercial break on TV if you like, but make sure it is much earlier than you used to do it (ie right before going to bed). The trick is psychological, but your brain registers that when you brush your teeth at night, it signals that you will not be eating anything else. Doing it earlier stops you from wanting to eat a snack later on in the evening.

If for any reason you do feel the need to eat something late at night (or in fact at any time during the day between meals), resist that temptation and instead, drink a glass of plain water. Your craving to eat will subside!

The Way It Works

The scenario above may not look like your typical day, but don't worry. As long as you can do some exercise during the day then you should do it. Also, drinking water sends a signal to the brain that the need for hydration has been fulfilled. Now what has that got to do with feeling hungry? Everything! Often, you get the feeling of being hungry but your brain does not distinguish between thirst and hunger and can send the wrong message to you. More often than not, it is really thirst you are experiencing when you get a hunger pang during the day when on this diet or any other diet for that matter. So by quenching your thirst, you are satisfying the need that arose!

The diet itself works by providing all the nutrients your body needs each day, while providing them in a low calorie package of meals that are spread out through the day to prevent hunger and also to prevent over-eating, to which end the portion size of each meal is restricted. Many people feel the meals are too small, but in fact they are correct as many people simply eat too much on a regular basis and believe that they are eating the right amount, when they are eating far too much.

Because all of the Nutrisystem meals are ready to go, you don't have to do any cooking or preparation, no calorie counting or portion control yourself. However, if you choose to add extra vegetables to your meals, then you will have to buy, prepare and cook them. But here's another neat trick.

Many vegetables can be eaten raw and in this way provide greater health benefits while forcing the body's digestive system to work harder and thereby burn more calories. Is the light bulb going on yet? Exactly!

Eating some vegetables with the meals but raw and not cooked will boost the effectiveness of the diet and force your body to burn more calories, which will convert to greater weight loss! Add to this the effect of drinking lots of plain water during the day and particularly before meals and your ability to lose weight will increase a lot.

So Nutrisystem works for most people who do little to enhance its power, but it works very well indeed for those who (by reading this article) know how to really maximize its effectiveness.