Diet and Exercise to Beat Obesity

With all the many different gimmicky ways of losing weight, none of them can match the effectiveness of combining a good, wholesome, healthy diet with plenty of daily exercise. The frightening rise in obesity statistics would not even be an issue if people started taking responsibility for their own health and stopped sitting on their ever expanding backsides waiting for the miracle pill that will never come.

Excuses, Excuses

All too often we hear of grossly overweight people bemoaning they were let down by lack of adequate warnings on food packaging, or fooled into eating so many calories by aggressive advertising and attractive packaging by manufacturers. But these are just excuses, because nobody is being forced to eat anything they don't want to.

And most importantly of all, nobody is without a brain in their heads that is capable of rational thought and questioning ability. Information is only of any use to the person that goes looking for it and then makes us of it when they find it!

You Can Help Yourself

It doesn't matter how obese you are, as long as you can still stand and walk, then you can exercise and even if you can't, you can still eat a good diet and do light exercises with your upper body in a sitting position. It's all about your state of mind.

Do you want to just sit there, get fatter and die?

No, of course you don't! But doesn't it make you wonder when you see so many obese people who clearly do little more than sit around eating all day? And please spare me the whinging "but it's a medical condition" lame excuse. It doesn't cut it with anyone who has the brains to see through it.

No Medical Condition Alibis

There is no medical condition in existence that can make you fat if you don't eat too much. You have to eat to gain weight and you have to eat a lot of the wrong things while doing next to no exercise to get obese. Period.

So what are you going to do about your own particular state of health?

A timely suggestion would be to stop worrying about it and start doing something positive about it. It doesn't even need to be difficult. you don't need any fancy diets or personal trainers, although a personal trainer is a very good idea if you lack motivation and need someone to light a fire under your butt!

No More Junk Food

What you need to do is to start eating right, cut out all the junk, all the cakes, cookies, chocolate bars, candy bars, pies, pastries, pasta, bread, soda and anything else that is slowly killing you and start eating wholesome, healthy food. That in itself will reverse the trend to gain weight almost immediately.

Start drinking lots of plain water every day and throughout the day (not all in one go), as this will help curb the craving for high calorie food.

Another way to curb that craving is to increase your intake of B vitamins, particularly folate, which you get from green, leafy vegetables. What, you don't like leafy green vegetables? Well, start liking them because thy may well save your life!

Good Fats: Omega 3

You can also increase your intake of omega-3 fatty acids as this also helps you body to burn fat. Exercise, even if it's going for long walks every day, will jump start your metabolism and force your body to burn more calories, further helping the weight loss process along.

What it boils down to is making sure you are eating the right diet for you. That's one that is as natural as possible and healthy, while being low in sugars and sugar substitutes yet being high in protein, dietary fiber and healthy carbs with the right proportions of healthy fats in the mix.

Before you know it, when you combine diet and exercise for successful weight loss, you will see a marked reduction in your body weight in just a few weeks, along with an increase in fitness. It is so worth it to change your lifestyle in order to save your life, don't you think?