Coping With Arthritis Pain

It's no fun when your every movement is accompanied by pain in various degrees of intensity and there are certainly times when you just don't feel like moving at all. So how do you cope with the pain of arthritis on a day to day basis?

There are some options available to you. Unfortunately, many involve powerful drugs designed to reduce inflammation and pain that come with a payload of side effects. Some of those side effects can be as bad or even worse than the arthritis symptoms they are dealing with. There are some natural remedies that don't have side effects, but generally their effectiveness never quite seems to be as good as the drugs they are replacing.

Long Term Treatment

arthritis painThe long term effects of various forms of arthritis on the body can be degenerative as joints become ever more eroded or damaged by the condition. Drugs designed to treat the symptoms of pain and inflammation have no effect on the root causes of the disease and do nothing to halt its progress.

Natural cures are very long term and while they can arrest and even cause the disease to go into remission, they take so long that day to day results are virtually unnoticeable. They certainly do little to relieve the main thing that sufferers need relieving, which is the pain. So what is the answer?

Doctors will tell you there is no cure so you just have to live with the disease and take the drugs they prescribe. That's great for the drugs companies and their shareholders, but not so great for you! The only viable way forward is to take the natural cure route and start taking responsibility for your health.

Taking Responsibility

This is a tough thing for many people to do as it means leaving the safety net of the doctor's comforting presence and setting out on your own. The reward for your action will be no less than any doctor can give you, but can be far greater in the long term reduction of the symptoms of arthritis, including the pain.

You have to make that decision for yourself.

If you decide to go it alone, then you should know that you're never really alone. You are joining thousands of sufferers who are fed up with being told they can't be cured and fed up with enduring the side effects of the drugs their often helpless doctors are prescribing for them. They are making radical changes to their diet, lifestyle and belief system and many of them are winning!

Patience is the virtue that will help you get through the tough days and a healthy mental attitude will propel you to ultimate success. Knowledge and understanding will get you through the rest along with some prescription painkillers for those really awful moments, and natural supplements and remedies for the rest of the time.

Getting Busy

The realization that you are helping yourself is a fantastic feeling, it truly is. Often, the enforced lack of exercise (due to painful, swollen joints) combined with a predominantly unhealthy diet can lead to being overweight and obesity and this is a condition that must be reversed to reduce the load on your joints and enable your body to begin the self-healing process.

You have to be strict with yourself and limit what you eat, while making sure you drink plenty of water every day. As your weight starts to reduce, the load on your joints will lessen and that part of the pain equation will start to get better.

An important step is getting hold of a copy of the book: "Curing Arthritis the Drug Free Way" by Margaret Hills because this book outlines what you must do in order to cure yourself of this disease in the long term.

For osteoarthritis sufferers, you'll need to take a supplement of Glucosamine and Chondroitin as well as a source of omega 3 fatty acid, such as high strength cod liver oil or flax seed oil capsules. For rheumatoid arthritis sufferers, you'll need to take a dessert spoon of cider vinegar three times a day plus a teaspoon each of honey and black molasses three times a day.

You may wish to investigate a good all-natural arthritis relief treatment such as Provailen, which is one of the more recent products to be released and appears to be quite popular. However, please do try to go the natural route rather than fall back into relying on pills and potions for your salvation that often leave you right back where you started.

Epsom Salts

Taking a hot bath at night with Epsom salts can help to reduce the pain and help you sleep, which is an essential part of your recovery. You can do it if you are determined to and you can pull yourself back from what you may have previously seen as the brink of despair.

The key part of this is that you have to want to be cured more than you want to eat something you know you shouldn't. You have to want to be free of the pain more than you want to give up and just rely on the drugs. Success will come from within but only if you really want it enough to try harder than you've ever tried to do anything before.

You can do it. You just have to believe you can.