Bread and Obesity

Avoiding obesity should be one of the main priorities of anyone who leads a sedentary lifestyle, works at a desk job or one that means sitting down for most of the day.

It is this lack of physical activity for many hours each day that contribute to a slower metabolism which means that whatever food you eat, much of it is going to end up adding to your waistline.

If exercising is really not an option to alleviate this situation, then that only leaves diet as the major means of fending off the dreaded expanding waistline.

bread and obesityThere are several ways in which you can alter your diet to make it less of a calorie fest, but one of the more effective ways is to stop eating bread. While that sounds great on paper, in reality that's not going to be something that people are going to voluntarily do unless there were some pretty compelling evidence to make them sit up and take notice.

White Bread is Bad For You

You may have heard it all before, but white bread, the most common staple of office lunches (and of those in most workers' lunchboxes, for that matter) is pretty bad for you from a health and weight perspective.

Being manufactured from refined white flour that has been processed to remove all the goodness from it and bleached to give it its clean, white appearance, white bread is categorized as a high glycemic carbohydrate. That means it releases a great rush of sugars into the bloodstream, which are met head on in the blood stream by a similarly great rush of insulin to counter it.

The reason for that is the body doesn't need these big rushes of blood sugar. So its own defense mechanism is to release large quantities of insulin to carries the excess sugars from the blood to be stored in fat cells. That brings blood sugar levels back down to where they should be. All would be fine, except for two vital points:

  • More fat is stored every time this process occurs
  • If it happens too frequently, there is a risk of developing insulin resistance which can lead to the onset of type 2 diabetes.

The problem with excess fat storage is compounded by the lack of physical activity to burn off some of the excess, which is common in people who led sedentary lifestyles.

The Obesity Epidemic

Consumption of white bread is a problem for many people who have no idea they are causing themselves harm. white bread is bad for youFew realize that they may be unable to metabolize the gluten in bread and suffer various allergies that are related to wheat in this refined state. But allergies and wheat related illnesses aside, it is the link with obesity which is becoming more worrisome as numbers of overweight people continue to rise.

It may well be linked to the explosion in the super sizing of meals in fast food restaurants, pizza takeout and home delivery and processed meals sold in supermarkets.

All these products contain lots of white flour based ingredients, or come with bread made from refined white flour. Where the problem exists in worrying proportions is where people eat these foods as the mainstay of their diets, with little in the way of fresh fruits and vegetables and do little or no physical exercise.

Is There a Solution?

There is always a man-made solution to man-made problems. In this case, simply stop eating white bread and products containing refined white flour!

It may seem difficult at first, because the body has to get used to quitting the habit of eating that way and learning to eat in a more healthy way. You really can work with diet and exercise to beat obesity and it's not as hard as you might think.

Just by cutting out all processed foods in favor of home cooked meals made from fresh ingredients, an overweight person will soon lose the bulk of their excess weight over the course of several weeks. Cutting out white bread altogether will help that process happen more quickly and if the diet can be made to include lots of fresh vegetables, fish and only lean meats, the body can be sent into a higher metabolism that will cause it to burn stored fats more quickly.

By going raw and eating some raw vegetables like carrots, cabbage and kale that lend themselves to some great salad ideas along with healthy nuts like walnuts for their high component of omega 3 fatty acids, the body will be forced to use more energy to digest the food and that means better fat burning!

In this day and age, we don't actually need to eat any bread. We just do it because we like it or we've gotten into the habit of having it with meals. We can exist perfectly well without it!